Shalom Children’s Centre – Twifu Hemang, Ghana

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Christiana Owusu’s dream of a children’s center became a reality in 2003, when we dug a water well – the first necessary thing before building a school.  Christiana had dreamed of starting a school when she was a girl who gathered under her care the younger children of the village while their mothers farmed the land.  Begun as a preschool for the youngest children, it has grown to include the elementary grades, having an enrollment of over 200 children in 2012. Healthy, nutritious meals are an important part of the day for each of these children.  Because of the extremely limited incomes of the families that are served, tuition and fees cannot begin to offset the daily expenses of food and teachers’ salaries.  Lake Shore Baptist Church has been a significant partner in the start-up and continuing mission of this school through individual contributions.  Additional funding has come through grants from the Alliance of Baptists.

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The Shalom Children’s Centre Mission Group has as its mission:

  1. to be informed about the work and ministry of the Shalom Children’s Centre
  2. to be in prayer for Christiana Owusu, the children, and the teachers at Shalom
  3. to be a source of information and encouragement to the congregation of Lake Shore Baptist Church and others regarding the opportunities for support of Shalom Children’s Centre

Group Members:

  • Annette Brister, Pattie Herbert, Cleta Kendrick, Lori Jones, Lela Wallis, Rebecca Sharpless, Tom Charlton, Kay Neugebauer, David Tonghou Ngong, Henri Kari, Martin Addo, Sharlande Sledge, Jo Pendleton

Our Covenant: Shalom Children’s Centre – Twifu Hemang, Ghana