Prayer Shawl Ministry

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We were first inspired when we learned about a prayer shawl ministry that was begun by two women in New England in 1998 and has now spread around the world. The women of Lake Shore first met in 2007 to begin a similar ministry, and we have gathered monthly (except summers) since then. For the past three years, we have been joined by friends from the Mission Crafters group at Central Presbyterian Church in Waco.

We have lost count, but members of the group have created and given away at least 300 prayer shawls, several dozen blankets for children at Talitha Koum Nurture Center, and several hundred children’s caps that have been distributed through Mission Waco and “Save the Children,” as well as orphanages in Peru, Moldova, and several African countries. While we knit or crochet, we pray for each person who will receive the garment we are making, and the whole group prays a blessing upon each item before it is given away.

A secondary purpose of the group is to provide a place for women to gather and share our faith stories with each other and to offer wisdom, encouragement, fellowship, and support.

Group Members:

  • Patty Field
  • Gladys Hudson
  • Judy Prather
  • Linda McGennis
  • Faith Kopplin
  • Donna Casstevens
  • Emily Fau
  • Carolyn Rodabaugh
  • Linda Olson
  • Lori Jones
  • Melanie Nogalski
  • Chris Chapman
  • Lynda Packard
  • Char Rood
  • Eileen Koeppe

Our Covenant: Prayer Shawl Ministry