Lake Shore Garden/World Hunger Relief, Inc.

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Lake Shore Baptist Church believes everyone should have enough food. The garden at Lake Shore is a community garden meant to educate individuals on the importance of fresh produce, cultivate a love for urban gardening within the neighborhood, and feed the hungry of Waco with the produce from the garden. We created the garden as a partnership with Mountainview Elementary School in order to begin a garden club after school. The garden club is a way to educate the children on the importance of fresh foods and how they grow. Currently, students from a variety of schools come to the garden to learn about how to grow fresh produce. Members of the community have signed on to help take care of the garden. During the week, neighbors come to tend the garden and discover their enjoyment for putting their hands in the dirt. This is possible through collaboration with the Heart of Texas Urban Gardening Coalition. The food from the garden goes many different places. Children from either Mountainview Elementary or members of the community are encouraged to harvest vegetables to take home and cook. The majority of the produce goes to the Lake Shore Baptist Food Pantry as a way to supply fresh produce to families in need of food. Adding an orchard to the garden at Lake Shore will help us in our vision to help train future gardeners, educate the community of the importance of healthy eating, and to feed the hungry of our city.

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Group members:

  • Marie Allen
  • Charles Conkin
  • Troy Jones
  • Van Jones
  • Myrl Luper
  • Sarah Randles

Our Covenant: Lake Shore Garden/World Hunger Relief, Inc.