Global Missions

For more information about this group please contact: Don SoRelle at

Lake Shore takes seriously Jesus’ instructions to love our neighbors and considers the whole world our neighborhood. The Global Missions Covenant Group strives to follow this mandate by becoming more aware of and sensitive to the cries of the world and discerning how the congregation may effectively contribute to spreading the gospel and bringing comfort where there is distress, as well as speaking/acting out against injustice whenever necessary and intervening through prayer and/or financial support.

Volunteers are always needed for events such as the Soup Supper, Missions Fair, and other church-wide activities organized by the Global Missions group. Other volunteers may be interested in opportunities that help educate the congregation on various issues of global import, such as conducting a seminar or coordinating Lake Shore’s support of specific emergency, short-term and long-term projects. New ideas are always welcome!

Group members:

  • Ellen Brown
  • Emily Fau
  • Steve Gardner
  • David hendon
  • Henry Kari
  • Myrl Luper
  • Carolyn Rodabough
  • Sharlande Sledge
  • Don SoRelle
  • Tammy Woods

Our Covenant: Global Missions