How we do missions

What is a Mission Group?

Mission Groups are the way Lake Shore Baptist “does missions.”  If three or more people have a common interest in a particular ministry, and they want that ministry to be “officially” supported by the church, they are welcome to form a Mission Group.  The members of the Mission Group meet together and write a covenant describing how they intend to work together to support that ministry.   Then the Mission Group is responsible for carrying out their covenant, for educating the congregation about their mission and for recruiting others who want to be involved in that ministry.

What is the Missions Table?

The Missions Table is the structure through which the Mission Groups work together.  Each Mission Group sends a representative to the Table.  The Table works together to make decisions about matters that affect all the Mission Groups for example budget, church policies and cooperative projects such as mission fairs and service days.

There’s a place at the table for you!

Come serve with a Missions Group! Whether you’re a Lake Shore member now or someone interested in getting to know more about a ministry and Lake Shore, you are invited to volunteer with a group to see what the group’s ministry is all about.  Questions? Email